About Huge Group Deals

Businesses Benefit-Buyers Benefit-Leasing Companies Benefit

Best to explain by example:

Joe's Software: Joe has many potential customers like "Mary" that either can't afford, or has better options than buying Joe's $3,300 software.

Joe just can't give "Mary" a lower cost than what Joe's customers pay as that is discrimination and kills Joes price integrity.

Joe tells Mary: Call Huge Group Deals group discount program. HGD enables Mary to buy Joe's $3,300 software for only $3,000 and Mary decides on a monthly layaway payment that gets 100% credited to the $3,000 purchase. Mary decides she will do 10 monthly payments to HGD at $300 per month.

Mary also knows that as long as Mary makes her $300 payment she will end up with a software license-even if other group members default, as HGD insures the group.

Joe's software cost $3,300 but Joe sells it to Huge Group Deals under its wholesale/reseller cost of $2,500. Joe only gives HGD member licenses only when Joe gets paid $2,500 per license and will give HGD members 18 months price protection to pay the $2,500 per license for the 10-member group.

Mary Joins HGD and her Credit Score Improves & Leasing Companies Fight for Mary's Business

Mary joins HGD and makes the first $300 payment towards her $3,000 payment to obtain a license for the $3,300 software. Mary has the option of submitting lease application to lease from 1 to 3 years, the remaining $2,700 balance. HDG Leasing companies fight for Mary's business.

The leasing payments stretch Mary's payments over 2 years, so Mary's monthly payment is now less than half of the $300 per month, and Mary gets her software license.

If Mary's credit score was not good enough to offer her a lease within the first 30 days, the leasing companies will give Mary a target month. The leasing companies know that simultaneously Mary's credit score each month will improve as HGD does favorable credit reporting and Mary's remaining balance is obviously going down by the full $300 per month. Leasing companies no longer pay to do credit checks, disqualify customers, walk away and lose money. HGD acts as a "holding pen" for soon to be qualified leases!

"ABC Leasing" tells Mary she will qualify when her remaining balance is $2,100. Mary now knows that at the end of 3 monthly payments of $300 ($900) she gets her license. ($3,000 license cost - $900 paid = $2,100). "ABC Leasing" pays Joe's Software $2,100 since HDG already paid Joe's Software $400, as Joe's Software now has its group wholesale reseller cost of $2,500 per license.

HGD has leasing companies that will lease as low as $1,000 to $5 Million.

Each Party Benefits

Mary Consumer Benefits:

  1. Gets group price without concern of other member defaults
  2. Decides what her monthly payments will be which get 100% credited.
  3. Has price protection from increases for up to 18 months with HGD.
  4. Uses HDG to beat up leasing companies to get best lease deal.
  5. Stretches remaining balance to make monthly payments substantially less.
  6. Improves credit score.
  7. Worse case for Mary is that she never qualified for even a $1,000 lease and makes her chosen 10 payments at $300 and gets her product/service for $3,000 instead of $3,300.
  8. If Mary can't make the $300 payment towards her $3,000 goal, she can extend her remaining balance payments up to 18 months from when she joined.
    Example: After 6 months Mary paid $1,800 (6 x $300). Mary has remaining balance of $1,200 ($3,000- $1,800). Mary can pay over 12 more months. (18 months - 6 months paid = 12 months left). Therefore $1,200 balance over next 12 months is $100 a month. Mary can also accelerate her payments or sell her HGD spot. The new member would of course need to do its own qualification for lease on remaining balance.
  9. HDG provides Mary's business with $3,000 in free display advertising in this online town Newspaper Savings Directory.

ABC Leasing Company Benefits:

  1. Every time a leasing company does a credit check it costs money. When a credit check is done, and the customer is disqualified, it is a loss for the Lessors. HGD acts as a "holding pen" as lessors do a one-time check and then tell the customer what the remaining balance needs to qualify, as Mary's credit score improves.
  2. Customers are referred to it and if the member does not make the lease payments the software license is remotely disabled and HDG will resell the license to the next member that qualifies for a lease.
  3. If Lessors had protentional customers solicited outside of HGD and disqualified those customers, the lessor can refer its disqualified customers to HGD to obtain discount, benefits, and provide a targeted qualifying date.

Joe's Business Benefits:

  1. Gets new sales from HGD as it gets free exposure in Sites throughout the USA.
  2. Protects price integrity
  3. Ends up eventually selling prospects that either at first didn't have the money or couldn't justify the cash flow.
  4. Could not initially qualify for a software lease until the balance was brought down and uses HGD network of lessors to get lease while improving credit score.
  5. Many businesses don't do enough volume use a leasing company and can't get the best deals.
  6. Its referred customers get free advertising as an incentive.
  7. Business receive money at 1/2% merchant service fee on the first $50,000 and zero fee above $50,000. Normally businesses would be charged 4% by VISA/MC/AMEX.