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How Peekaboo Reverse Blind Automated Auctions Work:

  • Starting Price is always less than the redemption value, so bidders are already guaranteed savings!
  • Hidden Price is Even Less than the starting price.
  • Peeks: To get 10 seconds peek at hidden price you use 1 peeking credit. See many ways to get free peeks, or buy peeks from your favorite local org.
  • Declare yourself the winner by stopping the reverse auction OR Bypass buying because every time someone bypasses the hidden price is reduced-so you may get it even lower later!
  • Consolation Winner Cash certificates! Even if you don't win, most businesses offer certificates.
  • Your Favorite Local Org shares our business ad fee for referring you!
  • Automate Peeking: You can manually peek, or set "time interval" to peek at the hidden price---and set automatic "winning price!"
  • Auto Alert: When favorite business creates an auction, it starts in 3 days-so you can set your "auto peek" and "auto buy."
  • Guarantee a Consolation Winner Discounted Cash Certificate: : Auctions are created and start 3 days later. Businesses may only offer a limited number of consolation certificates. You may claim a consolation cash certificate after auction is created, during the auction or up to 30 days after an auction ends. If a business has a max number being offered and there are none left the system will let you know.
  • Buyers Pay Seller Discounted Certificate Cost at time of Purchase: Buyers obtain discounted non-expiring cash certificates from Directory Publisher. Example: Redemption value $100 Discount $60. Buyers pay seller $60 and seller gives buyer $100 value.
  • Fundraiser Fee is a percentage of redemption value paid by buyer to Directory Publisher that is shared by Directly Publisher with buyers selected favorite Org. Example: Fundraiser fee 8%. Buyer pays only $8 to Directly Publisher for cash certificate, giving buyer the ability to pay seller $60 and get $100 value.
  • Buy for Someone Else: At time of purchase you may have your name or someone else's name, but the cash certificate is non-transferrable once purchased.
  • Terms and conditions: Winners are posted on website, but you have the option of using a "website name." The certificate will have real name. Most businesses will allow you to show the certificate on your phone -some may request print out---and they will verify it was not used and may require photo ID. The auction will state all terms and conditions. Peeking credits are not transferrable or refundable.


See Current Lower Asking Price

To get a 10 seconds peek to see what the current asking price is to obtain the redemption value bidders need to use 2 bidding credits. Bidders have 10 seconds to decide on stopping the auction and declaring themselves the winner or bypass because the bidder believes the price will go much lower. Bidders have the option of manually checking the price or automating the time interval to check the price and also setting an automated buy price to stop the auction. Whether a bidder manually peeks to see the current price or automates peeking the cost is the same 2 bidding credits.